Pay attention for you feet health

Foot is very important for our life, they always the sign of our health. When you hurt your foot you will easy to lead your body weak.

The most weight of our body are press on our feet. Do not ignore your feet health care, go out running as much as you can then you will find your emotion always good.

Before you start running remember choose good running shoes, you need note that there are three types of feet: normal feet, flat feet and high arch feet.

The high arch foot is really common, if you have high arch feet, just check the link here to check the best high arch running shoes 2014 guide.

If you need to know which type of feet you have, just make a wet feet waterprint and compare with this pic:


Suggest you some great running shoes for men

Now too much men,s running shoes in Market and online shop, too many brands and types. Asics, Adidas and Nike is the Top 3 brands, personally I choose Nike, just because their shoes almost all soft enough for me, I feel so nice when I am running. The Sole is often very soft, cushioning effect is very good also, and prevent slippery.

Nike Men Flex Run 2013 Running Shoe

Certainly there still more running shoes can be choose, for example, ASICS kayano 20, asics gt 2000 2, adidas adizero Boston boost and Mizuno Rider 18 etc. Asics is little expensive and the shoes always too hard for running, of course hard to break too.

I will not say too much in this article, I will write more about this later, just wait.